The Weekend Excitement

This past weekend was our family reunion. It was so great to see everyone and meet everyone in person I hadn’t met yet. Tristan had a blast with all of his cousins (and manning the screen door). There was also a beautiful garden dedicated to Purple Gma. It’s a tradition to install something in honor of those who have gone before us.

On our way home we made a pit stop at the Madison Buffalo Jump, Tristan had to walk all the way up and down the hill without assistance. Then he decided to get mad when we wouldn’t let him go down the other side of the hill.

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A lot more is happening in our neck of the woods in our personal lives. We’ve got a new house and we’re both going to be small business owners. There will be a lot to learn and a lot to do everyday for quite a while longer. Please bear with me as I readjust my day to incorporate everything for you guys and for us.

If you don’t already know I make soaps and various nick nacks and paddywacks to help fund our paranormal trips and maintain our equipment. Consider stopping by our Shoppette on Storenvy to have a peek at whats currently available.


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About RSampson

I am all about equality for all humans. Everyone in my eyes is an equal. I want to instill this in every person I meet. No one should be humiliated, degraded, or berated for anything as superficial as race, ethnicity, gender, or lifestyle. The path to human equality starts with everyone getting on the same page and not letting society dictate who is better. Who is society anyway to say someone is less of a human, less capable, or less deserving because of race, gender, ethnicity or lifestyle. I also have an interest in the paranormal and supernatural. Capybara Paranormal is the group my husband and I are a part of.
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