In the last post I covered haunts and touched lightly on a few entities. Those being human and demonic. Now I am going to touch on a few more entities and get more in depth. Not only are there human and demonic, but angelic, elemental, animal and thought forms. I know a few people think animals don’t have souls and others are thinking “What the hell is a thought form?” just go with me on this, I’ll explain everything as best I can.


We are all familiar with human spirits. There is one inside of every human body. At least most bodies, I’m sure there are a few soulless pricks walking the earth. Anyway humans have souls and when their body dies, their soul become a free roaming spirit or paranormal entity if you prefer. Human spirits generally show up as orbs, mists, shadows, apparitions either full or partial and solid or translucent. They can be lost, trapped, trying to finish something, guarding something, trying to warn someone or just enjoying their new ghost powers. With their motives not always known it is best to not believe everything they tell you. Some can be telling the complete truth and some can be lying through their translucent teeth. Being on our side of the veil, we cannot be certain of them.




Next I would like to talk about demonic entities. Now aside from being from Hell and being twisted and evil, they are human spirits. Demons are not to be confused with Fallen Angels. These negative entities can show up wherever and whenever they please and however they want. They could show up looking like an innocent child. They are darkly inclined (not in the Goth way) and show no mercy if they choose to attack. Demons, being human, are impossible to predict. So just like human spirits it is impossible to know if they are telling the truth, although unlike human spirits it is highly unlikely they are in any circumstance.




Moving onto angelic entities, or divine spirits. Angels, if you wish, the beautiful winged people off of the holiday cards and church tapestries. Also those ones with six wings that follow orders to the t and don’t really care either way if your family is in the town or not when they destroy it. The ones that if, in their true form, you look into their eyes you’ll dissipate. The most information I could find on them that seemed even remotely reliable is that humans cannot become angels. Angles are messengers of God, not our servants. They can show themselves in a human form although they are really just a spirit. If they do so choose to show themselves it is usually in the form of men, sometimes with unusual features like metal. Angels do not look like the little Cherubs that everyone posts throughout their garden and in cemeteries. When a human comes to be in the presence of an angel a sense of fear overcomes them. Sometimes a feeling of peace if the angel wishes it, but usually fear. Probably so you don’t talk back and start bossing them around. Did it mention they can evaporate you? And a quick side note, one of my sources on angelic entities mentioned not all angels can be trusted due to Lucifer and his gang. (they used the word Satan, it sounds a little harsh to me.)


Next on my list are Elemental entities. These guys were around since nature was a thing. Since before it was cool. Native Americans worshipped the many Elemental Entities, or Nature Spirits. This made them extremely close to the land and helped them take care of it. As in any animistic religion it is believed that every item on the planet has a spirit or life force. As illustrated by the picture above there is Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Spirit. Now I’m going to give you the English names of the beings that are a part of the elemental Entities category: Gnomes (Earth), Undines (water), Sylphs (Air), and Salamanders (Fire). Spirit is what inhabits every physical thing such as trees, rocks, plants, animals, and humans. Now whether or not they are dangerous, that depends on what you’re doing to provoke them. If you’re destroying things in nature or invading space without being respectful they will do what they need to do to get you to stop. Other than that as long as your respectful to nature and their home, maybe bring them sweet treats, they will leave you alone and peace will be experienced across the land. *side note* they are not helpers, they can destroy you as easily as an angel or demon, if they so chose.


The last entities on my list are Thought Forms, or Tulpas. These entities are created completely of the imagination. If the creator visualizes and concentrates enough the thought form could become a physical being that thinks, acts and feels for itself. One has to be careful though, a Tulpa can be created from both positive and negative thoughts. On the one hand they can be helpful and bring good things with them, but they can also bring destruction if created from negative thoughts and feelings. Have you ever convinced yourself that something is out to get you when nothing is? Ever seen something that wasn’t there, but believed it was? These are considered Tulpas. Anything you’ve convinced yourself is real, but isn’t. These can become physically real if you concentrate and visualize them hard enough. Which is why they are dangerous. Tales about a haunted house that isn’t really, but you go to all too often thinking it is haunted then strange things begin to happen. It makes you wonder how many haunts and other supernatural occurrences are just thought forms because someone believed it enough and thought about it often.

That’s as much as I could cram into this blog entry. Tune in for what the hell ever I choose to do next.

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