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Native American

By nightmare0308 (2 stories) (15 posts) (the author is a young adult)

Date: 2008-07-31

Country: United StatesState: PennsylvaniaParanormal Category: Ghost Hunting

My house is built on a hill in the woods. It’s only 23 years old so I know the house it’s self is not haunted. But in the back of my woods were a once Native American tribe settled. Now it’s not a burial ground or anything like that, but they just settled there. I know this because my history teacher did a lot of researching to find it out.

It all started when I moved here with my grandparents. At the bottom of my hill there was some really weird pottery. You could tell it was really old. Then after a couple years we had a huge storm come through and cause heavy rain and some mud slides. It buried the pottery. Prior to this moment I never have seen this ghost. But after it I started seeing a Native American looking a woman who was just walking around down there. I see her every morning as I’m walking down to the bottom of my hill for the bus. Now she was never hostile in all the times I’ve seen her. Actually when you walk by here you get a very welcoming feeling.

I’ve done many ghost hunts by the way but will talk about those in other stories. But during these ghost hunts I always see her. During one particular I was hunti

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